Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Warning Indicates

Although it is impossible to stop a tire from failing, there are things that you can look for to help reduce the chances of it ruining your day. Take a closer look if the car tire pressure indicators are lit.

If there is anything stuck in the tire, never try to remove it on your own. Plugging the tire could make it weaker, let the local tire technician have a look first. Cold weather could cause a slight drop in the tire pressure, triggering the pressure lights.

The tire tread must be even all the way around the tire. When you see patches where bare spots are evident, it might lead to a tire trouble when the car is riding at high speeds. Look at the side wall on the onside and out of every tire. Cracks in this area can weaken the tire, causing you to need to buy new tires.

At Dolan Mazda, we can do a closer inspection of the indicators during a scheduled tire rotation.

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