No Settling Needed – Practicality and Elegance in One

In Reno, practicality, reliability and safety are the most important factors when we choose a new vehicle. This of course presents a problem, because most cars designed with practicality in mind tend to forgo a lot of elegant, modern features. Fortunately, there are those engineering firms out there that like to think outside the box, and challenge these preconceptions.

Mazda is a name known for elegant, safe, durable design. They’ve been challenging these stereotypes about practical vehicles very long time. The all new CX-3 exemplifies this marriage of elegant, modern features and safe, durable design. The 2.0 liter engine extremely fuel-efficient, and very long-lasting. The intuitive dashboard display allows for a comprehensive hands-free experience that allows for safer driving and less distraction. The exquisite acoustic design of the cabin enhances this hands-free experience, ensuring audibility while retaining awareness of one’s surroundings. The onboard guidance system, one of the new modern transparent displays, allows you to take full advantage of GPS without ever taking your eyes off the road.

We here at Dolan Mazda would love for you to visit us today for a test drive.



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