You may only need to buy a car every few years, but at Dolan Mazda we want to make the process as quick and easy as possible. That is why we're so excited to bring Digital Retailing to shoppers who are looking at new Mazda models, Certified Pre-owned Mazda choices, or used vehicles.

Digital Retailing utilizes five sophisticated and secure tools to help you move through the car buying process from the comfort of your couch or favorite coffee shop. You don't have to use each tool offered, but if you did you could save over 4 hours! Now, let's take a look at each Digital Retailing feature.

Value a Trade

Looking to trade in your current model and put that money towards a new vehicle? With Value a Trade tool you'll get an instant appraisal of what your current car, truck, SUV, or crossover is worth. Value a Trade is powered by Black Book, an industry-leading company that you can feel confident using.

Personalize Payments

Our sales staff knows that a lot of decisions factor into a person choosing one vehicle over another. Leather seats, color, fuel mileage, and technology are just a few examples. But the one we really see the most is cost.

With the Personalize Payments tool you can play with monthly rates for financing or leasing. Having a better idea of what you can afford will give you that added peace of mind before you sign on the dotted line.

Prequalify for Credit or Apply for Credit

Once you've found the monthly payment plan that makes you comfortable, you'll likely need to see how much credit you can get. At our dealership we see a variety of credit scores, so if you have concerns about yours, use the Prequalify for Credit tool. No concerns about your numbers? You can skip that step and Apply for Credit right away. Again, we take your sensitive information seriously, so you can fill out these online forms with confidence.

Reserve It Now

Found the car of your dreams and want to make sure no snags it first? With the Reserve It Now function you can lock down your dream car with a $500 deposit. That money can then be put towards your down payment and you can cancel it at any time. Payment is done through the well-known site PayPal.

At Dolan Mazda we want to make our customers happy, and if that means making the car buying process faster we are completely onboard. To get to these tools, click on the "structure my deal" button on the top corner of a vehicle page to get started! 

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